Sunday, November 1, 2009

Macro Monday

Ah ... more Seattle rain on the red leaf maple leaves..
My rose plant is fighting the weather to the end...still trying to force one more bud through. Two shots taken at slightly different angles..and the colors are so different.
And this was the coolest dragonfly... I was so happy that he was so cooperative when I was getting shots of him...only to find out ..he was dead!

I was able to pose him on several objects though!

Go to Macro Monday to see other close ups :)


  1. My last rose bud finally succumbed to the freeze. I had wrapped it with a towel to protect it but it just isn't going to make it. What a deal a dragon fly that you can pose without it's complaining. Won't even fly away.

  2. Great macros! lol! About the dragonfly. But what a perfect photo opportunity. :)


  3. Such beautiful color. Poor dragonfly, but at least he provided you with a photo op!

  4. Very nice pictures, had to laugh about the dragonfly. Makes for a steadier shot LOL.

  5. Sorry...I had to laugh when I read the part about it being dead. Good job..I like 'em all.

  6. Had to laugh about the dragonfly. How many photos before you realized? LOL! The rose photos are sweet, too!

  7. stunning pictures!

    what fun meme...i will participate next week too..

  8. Great shots for all the posts..:-))


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