Sunday, November 15, 2009

Macro Monday

I took most of these on you can tell it is wet and gray in the Pacific Northwest

Yes, that is normal at this time of year. The above shot is some wet yard art
My horse fence is a bit fuzzy ..
So are my Oak trees..
And my Oak Leaf Hydrangea's leaves are turning lovely colors
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  1. Great shots! When I'm in Oregon near Portland I'm always on the lookout for some colourful lichens..:-)

  2. I'm digging that fuzzy horse fence photo. If I took photos of my horse fences today, there would be snow on them! lol!

    I like that first shot, too. The water glistens and adds a nice glow.

    Great job!


  3. Macro always gives me trouble. I have decided it is the light quality, and if it isn't just right, the device doesn't quite set itself correctly. Yours look great to me, but I know how we can reduce them down to cover focus flaws.

  4. wet & still produced wonderful photos

  5. Beautiful! I love the fuzzy fence, that is so neat! And I totally love the colors of the first photo, very pretty =)

  6. I love the glass globe, and the oak leaf hydranga. Nice job. :)

  7. Beautiful pics! The fuzzy horse fence is very cool.

  8. These are all so wonderful I can't pick a favorite! Nice to see moisture somewhere!

  9. all are fantastic shots! I especially like the third one. have a great week!!

  10. What a lovely selection of photos, excellent post.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  11. You have some very interesting lichens there! You still have leaves that are a little green! Wonderful series of shots:)

  12. I really like all the colors and textures, lots of detail. Very nice!
    Sunny :)


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