Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Some various shadow shots for Shadow Shot Sunday...

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  1. Lovely variety of shadow shots, Jan, and I love them all!



  2. really pretty
    the lines of the fence are wonderful

    your scenic sunday is beautiful as well, the church is a lovely building

  3. Those are famous cows, I have seen them before in another picture of yours. I really like barn photos. I use to make hay in one of those barns, moving square bales to the back of the loft and stacking them neatly. It was very hot, dusty, and the pigeons flew overhead. The barn is gone now. Nice shadows!!!

  4. A wonderful selection of shadows! I like the 'guard dog on duty' sign in the last one even though I cannot see the guard dog. He must be having a nap ;D

  5. The one with the flag in it is my favorite. it takes my breath away. All of your photos are breath taking. I wish I had your talent and your knowledge. I was also thrilled to find some other photo memes to participate in! Thanks!

  6. Couldn't find your sepia scene - have a nice day :)


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