Sunday, October 4, 2009

Macro Monday

For Macro Monday...some shots from the last week or so...

I know they are not real close up macro, but this is the best I could find at the moment.. plus I like them!


  1. Love them. I'm not sure what to do for macro this week as there isn't much in the way of flowers around right now...will have to think on it. Great shots Jan.

  2. Well, they are a nice presentation. I just saw white berries like that on my dogwood bush. Beautiful flowers.

  3. Very nice, luckily I've been in South Texas all week and got to play in some prickley pear cactus today..:-))

  4. Cool shots Jan :D I really like the first one, very different!

  5. these are pretty you did well :)

  6. Well if you like them....then I do, too!
    I especially like the composition of that first one. Lovely!


  7. The first and the last are my favorites!


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