Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Watery Wednesday..cold wet and gray!

I think these shots perfectly fit Watery Wednesday.. they were taken on a cold wet gray day on Lake Washington last week...

and theses are not B&W's...

Compare to just a couple weeks ago...


  1. Beautiful series. Amazing critters.

  2. wow, i thought the top photos are in B & W. you have amazing colors.

  3. It´s amazing how fast the nature is changeing. Your calm, cold and misty shots are lovely.

  4. Beautiful pictures- they do tell the story of the changing seasons. They are changing fast.

  5. Great shots! The composition on the first one is amazing.

  6. Great gray shots. I do not think the ducks seem to mind the wet and gray.
    You did capture some pretty sky in the last photo. Thanks for sharing

  7. You're right - there is SUCH a difference in the two sets of photos. But both sets are beautiful in their own rights. :) I love the pier's reflection in the darker photos. In the colorful ones, the trees showing their fall leaves are gorgeous, as is the night sky.

  8. that is how it will look here before long


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