Sunday, October 4, 2009

Monochrome Weekly...

I just purchased 'Photoshop Elements 6" for my Mac, and am feeling overwhelmed with much to learn to do, like get the picture a bit larger when I transfer it!

I thought these cows from the fair would work for Monochrome Weekly, I edited them with "old paper"...what do you think?


  1. I love it. Very funny. I love the way the one on the left is black, next black over white, then black again, then white over black. And the way they go from small to large. This photo was begging to be taken and I'm glad you shared it with us.

  2. I saw a family of 24 people being set up at a Walmart photo booth. It was surreal having a large group like that having their picture taken. The had lined them in like a triangle shape a few in front and more and wider rows moving back. But I bet it would not be easy to move those cows get them arranged. I like the shot. Good deal.

  3. Great job. I'm still using Picasa3, not sure if I want to "learn" so much new stuff.

  4. Oh fun! I can't say I've used photoshop..I'm a baby and find picasa so easy. What the hey..challanges are good though. Nice shot- ha
    Love animals!

  5. Now...that is cute! Perfect in monochrome!

  6. They are very well behaved - know how to pose.
    I only use to do no more than I would in a wet darkroom.

  7. I've had PSE for Mac for several years, each new update I hope will make it more user friendly and each time I am disappointed so I now use and I keep my pix on Picasa (uploaded from iPhoto) and the sizes are always 'perfect'

    Love the photo

  8. I taught graphic design in High School for years, as I would work with any program, some kid would come up and show me something new that I had never used. I have photoshop cs2 and really like experimenting with it.

  9. Love the photo and must admit that I have photoshop elements 7.0 and was similarly overwhelmed. Do everything in Picasa 3 but still hope to explore photoshop at some future date. Good luck with your venture.


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