Saturday, December 5, 2009

Monochrome Weekly

For Monochrome Weekly I choose a shot of a crow I took last week. I work on the third floor of a building , and for the last few days at lunch time we have had lots of crows just hanging out on the trees around our building. This subject (being black already) seemed like good Monochrome material!


  1. The crow is good B&W material. You've managed to catch a highlight in his eye as well.

  2. Your top photo is cold and beautiful. We get snow tonight. I like the old crow shot. He appears to be so lonely up there in the tree.

  3. I agree with awarewriter, the glint in the crow's eye makes the photo even more special.

  4. A lovely monochrome shot, the glint in the crow's eye does add to the photo. Maybe he's thinking of tricks he can play!
    The Road to Here

  5. So cold and lonely! Poor bird! (Great shot!)

  6. Crows in bare trees look so neat.

  7. That is a great picture to choose!! Works really well in Monochrome!!


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