Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sunday Stills ...Pets

Milli, a much loved but neurotic Corgi wonderful Manx
Randi, a rescue from Animal Control
And finally my much loved, (and still very missed) little lap dog, Rocky.

For Sunday Stills, 1 Year Anniversary

Pets...I do have a few of them.

These are some of my favorite shots..


  1. Such sweet pictures. Our pets are so important, they really are part of the family.
    Sunny :)

  2. You have such sweet animals-the picture of Milli in the snow is priceless.

  3. Thank you for visiting and commenting - your pets are adorable - love the closeups!

  4. They are very still and beautiful. You have wonderful pets.

  5. Great shots, I think most pets are thought of as family more than pets..:-)

  6. You have a nice animal family. That's quite a trail Milli has blazed through the snow! Rocky looks like he was a great dog, sorry for your loss. That is one of the sad things about life, that they don't live as long as we do. I have a lot to look forward to at Rainbow Bridge.

  7. Well done..Pets are so important..I too will be held up a long time at the Rainbow bridge:)

  8. thanks for visiting my blog. I love your animals. I love the first shot in the snow!!

  9. OMGosh that first picture is so cute and so funny at the same time!! Love it!!


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