Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Stills.....Technology

Sunday Stills... Technology

I have a new electric tea/water Kettle, and love it. It changes color as the water heats up...

And also Candles ...
What? You don't think they fit under this Technology challenge?

I have had more then one mishap with candles and my husband prefers I avoid them for fear of the end results!
How cool is this, candles that flicker and smell like vanilla, and even have a timer to turn themselves off after a period of time.
No flame and no fire, for Jan to torch the house with in a forgotten or clumsy moment!


  1. Love the technology, especially the candles. I too tend to forget about them.

    Love the new header pic! I wish we got snow like that.

  2. I love your kettle -and look at all that snow you received! I think that is the best type of candle to have.

  3. Very cool, deffinatly the positive side of technology..:-)

  4. Oh! The electric candle is so cool!

    And I have an electric tea kettle, too. It has been my lifesaver ever since I had my surgery. Being upstairs in my tower and not being able to head downstairs, I was able to make soup, tea, coffee, and hot oatmeal. Awesome technology!


  5. That candle is a great idea. I rarely light a candle anymore and I do wish I could. I am concerned the border collie will know something over when I am not around. Cool modern tea kettle. Enjoy your tea....

  6. I didn't take a photo of my coffee pot, but that is one item I can't live without! Neat candle idea!

  7. Our friends have an electric candle, very cool. But your color changing kettle is awesome, have never seen this before!


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