Sunday, August 16, 2009

Macro Monday...

I could not resist using this Donkey's eye.. he was giving me the stare down.. the lens of my camera!
This butterfly bush looked like a goner after the cold and hard winter we had. The good news is that this is a pretty hardy bush!

We had 3 feet of snow for over a two weeks...which is not normal here in Western Washington!

As for the sunflower, I had to stop and take this while going down the road today. I drive by this garden every year, and they have the most wonderful sunflowers in their garden every year.
I started taking the pictures of them last year...


  1. Very nice, the sunflower shot is fantastic!

  2. I love the donkey! They are just the cutest. The sunflower shot is amazing. great job Jan.

  3. The donkey has a very kind eye, you've captured it well! BTW, I love the header photo of the horse and cart, it's lovely!

  4. Wonderful captures, I love them all. The donkey is so cute =)

  5. These are great! And I love your new header. How'd ya get your blog title in that sign on the back of the carriage, though? How cool!


  6. Nicely done! Lovely flower shots! :D

  7. beautiful photos! :)

  8. Great photo's!! You are doing great Jan on this new adventure of picture taking!!

  9. Great shots...the donkey seems impressed with being model and I love you gay sunflower


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