Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Watery Wednesday...

This first shot for Watery Wednesday was taken Monday afternoon, as it was warm and folks were out on Lake Washington having fun in their boats... if you enlarge the picture you can you see the Seattle Space Needle in the background.

The Canadian Geese were swimming in a neat row. On this part of the lake there is some kind of algae here that looks and smells awful, it comes about this time each year. The geese seem to think it is tasty!

I could not resist the power of the Wenatchee River near Leavenworth last weekend...

And the final shot I took this evening at a small lake near my home, very peaceful.


  1. i visited parts of Lake Washington more than a week ago when i was in Seattle. love the photos, they make want to fly back.:P

  2. That looks like a place to lots of fun. You captured it very well.

  3. All nice watery shots but the moving water is my favorite.

  4. Such a beautiful place.
    Great shots.

  5. so many wonderful watery images. Perfect for summer.

  6. Beautiful landscape pictures,I like them!

  7. I loved the wonderful pics of home! (Actually, I'm a Northern Idaho girl, but I've spent much time in Washington State -- including all last Summer in Friday Harbor.)

  8. I have always wanted to visit Washington. It's a beautiful state. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Lovely photos. I really like the one on the Canada gees. So fun when they swim like that, like on a leash.

  10. Very nice shots; I especially like the Canada geese in a row. It's also good to know that something that looks and smells bad to us is tasty to some other creature!

  11. Wonderful watery views! The first and third made me nostalgic and the second made me smile ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,


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