Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Stills, the 4 the 5th!

This Sunday Stills was a tough challenge, as I am hoping I even understand the elements in question!

I am thinking (and hoping) we are talking about "Earth, Wind, Fire and Water"..My first picture was taken in Eastern Washington on my recent road fire on these (that would not have been good)!

I love this picture, as it has the windmills in the hills in the back (wind), the farm fields (earth), with the sprinklers(water) and of course the blue sky. As always, click on picture to get best effects.

The American Flag will be my "5th" element, as I do love America!

And the missing element fire.. from a Boy Scout camping trip a month ago ...


  1. Very nice, welcome to Sunday stills..:-)

  2. Great photos, I love the elements. Fire is so neat to photograph!

  3. Nicely done!:D Great pics! Especially the first one! Cool!!!

  4. Great job! The fire photo is neat! And I like the sprinklers photo, too.


  5. Great pic of the irrigation the colours

  6. Actually, the color of the grass in the foreground reminded me a bit of the color of you just may have all of them there! Great pictures!

  7. These are really great. Glad you can enlarge the top..nice colors in there- Have a great evening-

  8. I love the hazy look of this photo! Great job!

  9. Great job! Thanks for stopping by and commenting too b.t.w.

  10. Great shot, the first one is way cool, well done:)


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