Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunday Stills..Clouds

Today's Sunday Stills challenge is clouds.
I took this first picture on Saturday evening, as we were coming over Stevens Pass in Washington State.. the clouds seem to encase the mountain's
, the second was also coming over the mountain as the sun was on it's way down...the third was earlier in the day...

This shot was taken at dusk with the Moon shining through the clouds, I took this the first evening I used my new camera, and was in love with it from there on!

The remaining two shots I like because of the colors....
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  1. Beautiful shots. I love the moon shot. Great job.

  2. Hi Jan, these are lovely, a collection of different clouds. You did well with your moon shot. Great job!

  3. Beautiful! :D Moon shot is very cool! lovely colours in the last two!! :D

  4. I like that first shot, the cloud just hanging there with the mountain poking through. Nice job.

  5. The last one's my favorite because of the colors. Looks like you are having fun with the new camera!

  6. Love the moon shot with the blue sky.
    And the first one is great - makes me want to keep looking to see if that cloud moves.

  7. lovely collection.I'm a sucker for mountains shrouded by clouds. They seem so mystical

  8. All are great shots. I just love the Cascade Mountains!

  9. I'm going with the moon shot as well. Looks a bit spooky. :)

  10. You have a wonderful variety of shots...very nice! The second one is my fav.

  11. I like that first one a lot. I got up in the mountains for this challenge, too. The moon shot is really cool.


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